Stretton State College

Stretton State College is a co-educational Prep to Year 12 public school in Stretton, Queensland. In 2017, the principal of the school, Mrs Jan Maresca, contacted Girls’ Uniform Agenda and offered to be a Supporter. She was thrilled with the work of Girls’ Uniform Agenda, and set about changing the options offered in her school.

Stretton State School undertook a uniform review and realised the importance of offering appropriate uniform options to girls.  Girls at the school, and their parents, rallied around the idea of offering the choice of shorts and pants to girls. The school worked with their uniform supplier to increase the range of uniform options, and these changes are ready to be rolled out from 2018.

Girls in Prep wear their sports uniform of shorts and polo shirt every day, while those in Year 1 to 3 wear culottes. Girls from Year 4-12 will have the option of choosing either a skirt, culottes, formal short or long girls’ pants for their FORMAL uniform.

School Principal Jan Maresca, says that “the desire for change was loud and clear in my school, and students and parents were leading the charge. We want our girls to be as comfortable in their choice of uniform as the boys they sit next to.

It’s about ensuring that our students are provided with clothing that suits different body types and makes them feel comfortable and be confident learners.  Allowing students a choice is the logical answer to the whole issue of gender equity and identity in school uniforms.

We want our students to feel a sense of pride and belonging, but we don’t want their learning and movement to be restricted due to an outdated, imposed rigidity of choice. This choice should be a given, not a privilege”.

We at Girls’ Uniform Agenda could not agree more.  Well done Jan and all at Stretton State College for listening to the needs of your girls and responding.