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Public School Communities Want Girls in Shorts and Pants

What results would you get if you surveyed parents, teachers and principals and asked: should girls be forced to wear dresses and skirts to school? While it appears blatantly discriminatory, and Australian states have anti-discrimination legislation preventing it, many schools are still doing this. There must be widespread support from parents, teachers and principals, for girls to have uniform choice, surely? South Australia says no to forcing girls to wear dresses and skirts Thanks to the South Australian

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Girls’ School Uniforms: Why We Need Girls’ Uniform Agenda

Did you know that in Australia, in 2017, there are still a large number of schools that require girls to wear skirts and dresses as formal uniform? Yes they allow girls to wear shorts for PE, but for the other days of the week girls are required to limit their movement due to wearing dresses and skirts. There are a number of reasons why girls should have the choice of shorts and pants as part

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