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Power In The Collective: Girls Speaking Up

Last year I wrote a piece about boys in the UK controversially wearing skirts to school in defiance of a strict dress code. It was hot and they were told they could not wear shorts, only long pants. So, collectively, they took a stand and all wore skirts to school. They made international news. Lone Uniform Warriors Back then, I commented that rarely do we see girls standing together in solidarity in the same way. Particularly in the school

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Campaign: Get Your Pants On For Girls!

How To Take Part: Get Your Pants On For Girls  Thank you for joining us!  This is Girls’ Uniform Agenda’s 2017 International Day of the Girl Child campaign.  A celebration of short-wearing and pant-wearing school girls across Australia. It’s so easy too!  We’ve made the posters, all you need to do is find one you like, print it off, put your shorts or pants on, find your friends and take a photo! If your school allows

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ChangemakeHer – school girls making a difference

This is a guest blog from a group of very passionate young women in Year 12. They are helping girls everywhere see that girls and women are powerful. WHY WE EXIST There’s no doubt women are immensely capable. So then why is it that today only 4.5% of Australia’s ASX200 CEOs are women? And in fields like STEM and tech, women still remain severely underrepresented? Of course there are many complex factors that come into

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