Anouk’s story

Anouk is 9 and in Grade 4 at her local Catholic primary school in Bayside, Melbourne. She is the only girl at her school to wear shorts but quite a few girls said that they wish they could too.

We asked Anouk if we could ask her a few questions and were delighted she accepted:

  1. How does wearing shorts make you feel?

I feel more natural, nearly like I’m wearing casual clothes.

  1. If you could pick the perfect shorts for girls, what would they look like?

They would look exactly the same as boy shorts, except they might be a bit lighter and stretchier for girls that do gymnastics and things like that.

  1. What would you say to other girls who wanted to wear shorts but didn’t feel confident?

Don’t worry about what other people think, just do what feels most comfortable. I’m sure your friends will stand up for you if anyone says mean things.

What can you do wearing shorts that you couldn’t or wouldn’t do in a school dress?

I can run around more. I can cool myself down easier on hot days. I can climb around the playground. I can sit cross legged on the floor a lot more easily and comfortably, and I can play my favourite sports, like cricket and footy. In grade one I played footy at lunchtimes, but it got too hard in my dress, so I stopped. I’m glad I can play footy this footy season at school!

A word from mum, Sharon.
I’m just writing to you GUA to mention that this week my daughter showed up to her very conservative catholic school in Brighton, Victoria wearing the boys’ uniform. This is the first time it has been done and as my daughter is quite shy. I didn’t expect that she would do it. But as she said, ‘I know that people will talk about me, but I just want to be comfortable’. I was very proud of her and have since discovered your movement. Well done and keep up the great work! Hopefully Anouk will be joined by others soon. Lots of girls have said they love wearing shorts. Or even better they include shorts in the uniform for girls so she doesn’t have to wear her little brothers uniform.

Sharon and Anouk – thank you for letting us know of Anouk’s excellent achievement. GUA is super proud of you too.

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