Girls Need More Than Skirts and Dresses

This article was originally published by the Independent Education Union – Queensland and Northern Territory Branch in Issue 1 (Volume 48) 2018 edition of Independent Education. Sara El Sayed explores the implications of not offering girls alternative school uniform options.

Court Strikes Down School’s Policy Requiring Girls to Wear Skirts/Skorts

Girls’ Uniform Agenda are thrilled to read today that three young girls in America have successfully sued their public school for forcing them to wear skirts to school. A North Carolina Court in the USA ruled that it is unlawful for a public school to require girls to wear skirts. The three students – aged 5, 10, and 14 – argued that wearing skirts restricted their movement, inhibited them in school situations such as playing

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Freedom, Childhood, and School Dresses

Guest Blog from GUA Supporter, Alex Lee, ANU Student, Jasiri Trailblazer Fellow 2018 A Child’s Mind (and body) For me, primary school is synonymous with a feeling; that sensation of pure unbounded freedom, joy, and limitless possibility evoked by the ringing of the lunchtime bell and the running of six hundred feet in a kind of ritualised race across the oval and towards the Playground. I distinctly remember the sensation of a ball of energy and

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Private Schools Must Offer Choice to Girls: Radio Interview

Radio Interview Transcript (11 February 2019): Richard Glover on Drive talking to Co-Founder of Girls’ Uniform Agenda, Dr Amanda Mergler and Principal Phillip Heath, Barker College, Victoria.       Richard Glover: After a change to uniform policy last year, NSW public schools are now required to offer shorts and trouser options to girls.    There’s no longer a need for the girls to wear a dress if they don’t want to.  But the edict doesn’t

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Uniform Shop Conversations: Dresses for Girls

I was buying more shorts for my little one and speaking to another Kindy parent whilst waiting in line at the uniform shop. Our conversation was a reminder of just how strongly ingrained in school cultures it is for girls to wear skirts and dresses.  It went like this: Mum:  I wish Aisha* would wear shorts and a top to school.  All she’ll wear is the skort and top. Me: Yes, I don’t see the

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Freedom of Uniform Choice Begins With Us!

Guest blog from our NSW Girls Uniform Rep, Karina McDougall We talk a lot about schools and policymakers offering girls a choice to wear shorts and pants with their uniform.  But what about when schools offer that choice to girls, but parents deny their daughters the freedom to exercise that choice? Take for example this conversation which took place in the uniform shop of one school this week: Daughter: Mum I want some shorts! Mum: No you have dresses. I’ll buy you the shirt

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**WARNING** Long List of Excuses For Refusing Girls Choice of Pants & Shorts

As 2019 takes off, we’re all still thinking about whether we should make new year’s resolutions and what the year ahead holds.  Here’s a reminder of the reasons we’ve heard for refusing girls the choice of pants and shorts.  If you’ve been thinking about doing something, or been put-off by your school, get in touch and get connected to your state rep.  If you’ve had a success, make sure you let us know, you can

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