Uniform Suppliers that do provide shorts and pants for girls

We have heard from parents and principals that it can be hard to find appropriate shorts and pants options for girls. Remember, no matter what company your current school uniform provider is, they can source additional options from the wider uniform market. If they refuse to do so, the P&C/parent body/principal can source additional options from elsewhere. Don’t let anyone use the excuse that they simply don’t have good options as a way of shutting down the need to find appropriate shorts and pants options for girls. Options exist and can be found, and that is the responsibility of the school and uniform provider.

Help from parents will make this even easier, so go ahead and do your own shopping around. We have compiled here some companies that we believe are a good place to start. Most can supply schools and retailers Australia wide. If you know of other companies that are providing a good range of options for girls’ shorts and pants, please let us know and we will add them to this ever increasing list.

Based in QLD

Junior Senior Uniforms

GUA have been working with Junior Senior Uniforms. They were quick to accept and understand the need for shorts and pants for girls, and have been working hard to increase their range of options. They have been working with schools and listening to schoolgirls around style preferences.

Junior Senior Uniforms can provide uniforms to schools and retailers across Australia.

Contact details here: http://juniorsenioruniforms.com.au/contact.php


GUA have met with the CEO and Marketing Manager of this company. They understand the need to provide greater shorts and pants options for girls, and have made this a focus of their recent endeavours.

Weareco can provide uniforms to schools and retailers across Australia.

Contact details here: http://www.weareco.com.au/page/Home/Contact/

Based in VIC


This company have reached out to us because they “are pleased to support Girls’ Uniform Agenda to assist in creating a positive change for girls in schools”.  RHSports have a wide range of areas covered including school wear, sportswear and competition wear.

Their head office is in Victoria with direct representation in Victoria, NSW, Queensland, Tasmania and the ACT.

RHSports state that, “As a company, we are committed to offering school uniforms suitable for girls and stock a wide range of pants, shorts, skorts and culottes as part of our female school wear range. We also have the ability to design and custom make uniforms to suit the needs of our customers”.

Contact details here: info@rhsports.com.au

Sports shorts here: https://www.rhsports.com.au/subproduct/school_wear/school_basics/shorts

Pants here: https://www.rhsports.com.au/subproduct/school_wear/school_basics/pants

Noone Imagewear

This company has worked with a number of schools to add shorts and pants for girls to their uniform options.

They have a head office in Niddrie, Victoria and direct contacts based in New South Wales, South Australia, West Australia & Queensland.

Contact details here: https://www.noone.com.au/contact/

Information about female shorts and pants here: https://www.noone.com.au/capabilities/design-capability/pants-and-shorts/

Based in SA


This company was recommended to GUA by a Facebook follower. They do appear to have a good range of options. Uniforms are organised by school but you can search for ‘girls’ shorts’ or ‘girls’ pants’ and look at a range of choices.

Contact details here: http://www.sportscentre.com.au/contact

Based in WA


This company is based in WA but have sales representatives in WA, NSW, QLD, TAS, VIC, SA and NT. One of our GUA members has found this company to be helpful. They offer a girls’ pant that they say is popular as it has an elasticised waist which makes them easy for young girls to get on and off. That particular pair of pants can be found here: http://www.permapleat.com.au/Formal-Wear/Trousers-Girls/BTRF008

Contact details here: http://www.permapleat.com.au/Contact-Us.aspx

Girls’ shorts here: http://www.permapleat.com.au/Formal-Wear/Shorts-Girls.aspx

Girls’ pants here: http://www.permapleat.com.au/Formal-Wear/Trousers-Girls.aspx


School Active Sports

A strong supporter of Girls’ Uniform Agenda, this Australian company has received great reviews for designing, high-quality pants specifically for enabling girls to be active and comfortable.

They have a focus on ethically sourced leggings for sports activities. They are committed to the communities they operate in and support schools with a choice of a wholesale or fundraising model.

Contact details here: https://schoolactivesports.com.au/pages/contact

Generic options

Remember that stores like Target, Kmart and Big W have shorts and pants that are usually appropriate school wear. If your school’s only requirement is that the colour is a certain one, you may be able to find shorts and pants for girls at these stores.

Overseas options

UK – Marks and Spencer

We have been contacted by a Facebook follower who was required to source her own shorts and pants for her daughter after the school ‘allowed’ girls to wear shorts and pants. This follower found one of the best places to get an excellent range of options was Marks and Spencer’s in the United Kingdom! This company send frequently to Australia and as such now have a dedicated site for Australian customers.

She found the following: “elasticised waist, tailored, grey trousers, two pairs for $30, which included postage and took a week to get to me. Seems ridiculous I know…and their school uniform range is fantastic”.

Girls’ shorts here: http://www.marksandspencerlondon.com/au/girls-shorts/p/P60100203.html?dwvar_P60100203_color=T0

Girls’ pants here: http://www.marksandspencerlondon.com/au/l/kids/girls-school-uniform/pants/#page:1