The Department of Education Tasmania

School Uniforms in Tasmanian Government Schools

It is difficult to find a clear position of the Tasmanian government on school uniforms.

A brochure which is promoted as a resource for parents can be found here:

It appears that the newly updated Tasmanian Education Act 2016, now includes a section on dress code. However, this act does not come into effect until 2020, and the section only states that:

103. Dress code

1) The principal of a school may develop a dress code for the students at the school.

2) A principal is to develop a dress code in accordance with the Secretary’s instructions.

3) In developing a dress code, the principal is to consult with the school association for the school.

4) In developing the dress code, a principal is to take into account the matters specified in the Secretary’s instructions.

5) The principal of a State school is to ensure that students comply with the dress code.

6) If a principal considers that a student’s failure to comply with the dress code occurs too frequently and without reasonable excuse, that failure is taken to be unacceptable behaviour under a behaviour management policy developed under section 129 by the principal.

The Tasmanian Education Act 2016 can be found here:;cond=all;doc_id=51%2B%2B2016%2BAT%40EN%2BSESSIONAL;histon=;pdfauthverid=;prompt=;rec=;rtfauthverid=;term=Education;webauthverid