Western Australia Department of Education

Dress Code for Students Policy and Procedures

The Department of Education (WA) has a Dress Code for Students Policy and Procedures.

The policy states that, dress codes should meet local circumstances, the need of individual students and
general safety and equity standards. Consideration should be given to clothing that is affordable, comfortable, made from easy care fabric, appropriate for activity, and suitable for all body shapes.

It can be argued that refusing to allow girls to wear shorts and long pants to school contravenes the individual needs of students and equity standards. In addition, dresses and skirts are rarely appropriate for the range of activities that school girls engage in during their school day, and many girls indicate feeling far more comfortable in shorts and long pants, than they do in skirts and dresses.

The policy also states that changes to dress codes should be:
•  based on advice from students, parents and staff;
•  based on information from regular reviews of the dress code, including patterns
of exemption granted to date; and
•  introduced only after reasonable notification to parents.

The Dress Code for Students policy can be found here: