Jane’s story

My daughter’s school, St Michaels Grammar School in St Kilda, allows girls to wear trousers in winter.

The students at St Michaels are allowed to suggest uniform changes which are then considered by a Committee.  I’m not sure how long ago the girls asked for trousers (my daughter moved there in year 11), but the school agreed and the girls look really smart in them.

It makes so much sense for a school to allow and organise smart trousers to be part of the uniform.  There’s no logical reason to prevent school girls from wearing trousers.

My daughter’s old school did not allow trousers. To be fair, I’m not sure if anyone asked for them and if they did, what the school’s reaction would be.

Instead the girls at that school wear very short pleated skirts and droopy tan socks or white stockings (!) and brown shoes and look neither smart nor comfortable.

Hopefully the sensible St Michaels approach will prevail in other schools across Australia.