Marlie’s story

My name is Marlie. I am 8 years old, and I don’t like wearing dresses.  I haven’t worn a dress apart from at school since I was 3.  I am a tomboy.

In my first three years of school I had to wear a dress in summer and a big thick long dress in winter to school. Wearing a dress upset me because I am a tomboy.

I talked to the principal about the school uniform because I think that it is bad that people judge you on gender. When I had a meeting with him he showed me shorts that I could wear and a shirt and that made me feel happier.

So then I wrote a big letter to the school board and the principal has said that I am allowed to wear shorts and pants and a shirt to school at the moment.  On my first day that I wore the pants and shirt lots of people asked me questions like “why are you wearing the boys uniform” and “that’s the boys uniform” and I said “it’s not a boys uniform it’s a unisex uniform”.

Wearing the unisex uniform lets me be more active and happier at school.