Maxine Weston’s story

In 1973 we were a group of just four girls who fought for the right to wear slacks during the winter.   The school granted it and we were happy to only wear slacks that were in the school colours and that were dressy.

The reason we fought so hard was because we were absolutely freezing in our cotton school dress and jumper, especially in the temporary aluminium buildings that weren’t so temporary. The wind would whistle up through the floorboards, and concentrating on school work was an impossibility.   We also incur nasty westerly winds and it’s completely inhumane and unacceptable to expect girls to wear dresses for no other reason other than they’re girls. Boys are not asked to tolerate this so why should girls be?

We also had a male teacher who would deliberately drop his pen so that he could bend down and look up girl’s dresses.   Another extremely appropriate reason for girls to be able to wear slacks if they wish to do so.

In addition girls have a monthly cycle. It’s quite horrible to be freezing cold and enduring this cycle. So there is also yet another health reason as to why girls should be able to wear slacks. In the corporate world women wearing slacks is completely acceptable, so why can’t school girls? At the end of the day it should be up to the individual if they want to wear slacks or a dress.

I can’t even believe girls are still being denied this right.