Rosie’s story

My name is Rosie.

I am 7 years old at a public school in infants. The school uniform is a dress for girls in winter and summer, and shorts and  pants for boys. I have been wearing the boys school uniform for two years now.

When I was 5 and in kindergarten, I stepped on the hem of my dress while climbing on play equipment and smashed my face into a metal bar. I said to mum, “I can’t climb on that bar any more mummy”. She said, “Why don’t you wear shorts?” And I have for 2 years now, and have no problems playing on the climbing things.

Sometimes older kids tell me I can’t wear shorts, or that they’ll tell the principal, but they never have. I’ve been asked lots of times why am I wearing the boys uniform when I am a girl.

For school photo day one of my friends covered her mouth when I came to school in my  shorts and whispered to me, “Rosie, it’s school photo day. Where is your DRESS!?”

In my class photo I am in the back row – the only girl- and I think it is so my uniform is covered.

Today at school, my friend did a cartwheel and her foot got caught in her dress. She landed on her knee and it got cut and was bleeding. I took her to the office and the sick bay.

The teachers and principal have been good and none of them have asked me why I am wearing the boys uniform. They let me do it.

I think all girls should be able to wear shorts because then they can do soccer and climb and kick and do cartwheels. I think girls should wear shorts because then they can do  lots of things!