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Freedom of Uniform Choice Begins With Us!

Guest blog from our NSW Girls Uniform Rep, Karina McDougall We talk a lot about schools and policymakers offering girls a choice to wear shorts and pants with their uniform.  But what about when schools offer that choice to girls, but parents deny their daughters the freedom to exercise that choice? Take for example this conversation which took place in the uniform shop of one school this week: Daughter: Mum I want some shorts! Mum: No you have dresses. I’ll buy you the shirt

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Time to Change – Girls’ Uniform From a Teacher’s Perspective

Guest blog from Early Year’s Teacher and Girls’ Uniform Agenda Supporter, Louise Lenzo I work in a non-denominational private school, which caters for learners from pre-school to year 12. The early learning unit is based on a modern Montessori method of teaching and learning. The Montessori Method of education is based on self-directed activities with hands on learning where children make choices and develop their potential. With the Montessori approach in mind, I find the

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School Uniform Shift Gives Girls the Freedom to Move

Radio Interview Transcript: Patricia Karvelas on RN Drive talking to Principal Elizabeth Rhodes, Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School Melbourne. Presenter: Haha, the playground where kids get to run around, play games, burn off all the excess energy at recess and lunchtime.  That’s the idea anyway, but some schools are finding that’s not the case for every kid, especially girls feeling restricted by their uniforms.   That’s why one school at least, has decided to level the

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