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Girls Have A Right to Education Free From Discrimination

One parent’s fight, backed by the Anti-Discrimination Board, for her daughters’ rights to have the choice of wearing shorts and pants to school.  Missy M’s three daughters were very cold and uncomfortable in their dress uniform.  So, Missy asked the school principal if shorts and long pants for girls could be added to the uniform list.  Missy tells her story below: “She [the principal] said no, just like that, a straight, flat out no! I then

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Girls Wearing Shorts to School: Taking Action on an Age-old Problem

We often hear schools say no-one has ever raised the issue of girls wearing shorts or pants.  Often we hear from parents who are pleased to hear about Girls Uniform Agenda; they had thought they were the only person who felt uniform choice was important.  After all, the P&C, and the Principal, had said that nobody had ever asked if girls could wear shorts or pants. We know this can’t be true.  This argument is

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Prizewinning: Judge Us On Ability, Not On Dress

Your daughter’s about to go on stage for her public school’s awards’ ceremony, everyone should be excited.  Except they’re not, a daughter in tears, an exasperated mother and a principal bursting with anger.  This story shows that even when schools offer uniform choice, the shaming, guilt and pressure  on girls to conform to gender expectations is ever-present.  And girls’ appearance can still outweigh ability. When schools offer choice – it needs to be authentic and

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