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Power In The Collective: Girls Speaking Up

Last year I wrote a piece about boys in the UK controversially wearing skirts to school in defiance of a strict dress code. It was hot and they were told they could not wear shorts, only long pants. So, collectively, they took a stand and all wore skirts to school. They made international news. Lone Uniform Warriors Back then, I commented that rarely do we see girls standing together in solidarity in the same way. Particularly in the school

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Dressing for Work: are school dresses preparation for future careers?

“Looking ‘business-like’, ‘dressing the part’, power-dressing’ in the corporate world and being ‘taken seriously’ in the halls of parliament.” Preparing schoolgirls for the world of work is still given as a reason for dress and skirt-only uniform policies. Let’s look at workplaces that require women to wear a dress… The world of work has transformed dramatically over the decades for women. No Australian workplace can insist on women wearing skirts or dresses, because it’s against

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Women at Work Campaign

Thank you for joining us!  This is Girls’ Uniform Agenda’s Women at Work campaign. It may be hard to believe, but many girls at school are told that they must wear dresses and skirts as school uniform because that’s what girls and women wear, and this will prepare them for the workforce. We know however that many, many women wear shorts and pants everywhere, including to work. This campaign is our celebration of short-wearing and pant-wearing

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