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Queensland – it’s a private problem and it’s time to speak out

School uniform policies in Queensland’s Catholic and Independent schools, and Brisbane High Schools, are shocking! We recently finished going through the uniform policies online of all Queensland Catholic, Independent and Public schools. This was a massive job – we looked through 1,855 school uniform policies. We did this work from May 2017 to May 2018. While a few schools may have changed their uniform policies over this time, the large numbers we are dealing with

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Public School Communities Want Girls in Shorts and Pants

What results would you get if you surveyed parents, teachers and principals and asked: should girls be forced to wear dresses and skirts to school? While it appears blatantly discriminatory, and Australian states have anti-discrimination legislation preventing it, many schools are still doing this. There must be widespread support from parents, teachers and principals, for girls to have uniform choice, surely? South Australia says no to forcing girls to wear dresses and skirts Thanks to the South Australian

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Girls’ school uniforms: debunking the myth that choice currently exists

Since we launched Girls’ Uniform Agenda (GUA) in February 2017, a common response from the wider public has been surprise that schools do not allow girls to wear shorts and long pants as everyday wear in girls’ school uniforms. Each member of GUA has heard comments such as, “My daughter’s school lets girls wear shorts. They all do these days!” “What do you mean you have to fight for the right for girls to wear

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