Choice for Girls in School Uniforms: Refuting Those who are Opposed

As a campaigner for the rights of girls to have shorts and pants included as choices in their everyday school uniform options, I have heard a range of arguments as to why this is unacceptable. Some parents and educators believe that it is perfectly acceptable to force girls to wear dresses and skirts to school. In this article, I take a look at each of the arguments we at Girls’ Uniform Agenda have heard to

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Girls’ school uniforms: debunking the myth that choice currently exists

Since we launched Girls’ Uniform Agenda (GUA) in February 2017, a common response from the wider public has been surprise that schools do not allow girls to wear shorts and long pants as everyday wear in girls’ school uniforms. Each member of GUA has heard comments such as, “My daughter’s school lets girls wear shorts. They all do these days!” “What do you mean you have to fight for the right for girls to wear

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Girls’ School Uniforms: Why We Need Girls’ Uniform Agenda

Did you know that in Australia, in 2017, there are still a large number of schools that require girls to wear skirts and dresses as formal uniform? Yes they allow girls to wear shorts for PE, but for the other days of the week girls are required to limit their movement due to wearing dresses and skirts. There are a number of reasons why girls should have the choice of shorts and pants as part

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