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All-girls’ schools – what’s the legal position on girls’ uniforms?

Girls’ schools, despite their overwhelming public marketing message of female empowerment, largely continue to deny girls’ the right to wear shorts and pants to school. While these schools often talk of creating an environment where gender stereotyping is not present, they lay down a tightly controlled rule on what is acceptable female dress. They perpetuate and reinforce the gender stereotype that girls wear skirts and dresses, and tell girls that they must look a certain

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Girls’ school uniforms and sex discrimination.

I was telling a colleague recently about the work Girls’ Uniform Agenda does in advocating that all girls in all schools across Australia have the option of shorts and pants as everyday school wear. My colleague looked at me and stammered, “but, but, don’t schools have to allow that? Don’t we have legislation that means they are required to do that already?” Legal loopholes I have faced this comment before. In fact when I first

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