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Girls Want To Wear Pants

Hearing directly from young girls about their frustration with outdated uniform policies is always powerful.  We know that those school girls that speak out are hugely influential in creating change in their school community.  Here’s another young uniform activist, Scarlett; we’re cheering her on in her campaign for girls to be able to have uniform choice.   This is the speech that Scarlett gave to her class – she’s still waiting for the school to catch

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Why Pants & Shorts for Girls are the Key to the Door

Issy is one of Girls’ Uniform Agenda’s Young Uniform Activist, Issy tells her story and explains why this fight is more than just a pair of shorts or pair of pants. My name is Issy and I have attended a coeducational public school since year 7.  I am the pinnacle of a radical intersectional feminist and when thinking about how gender inequality impacted day to day life for young people, school uniforms and their problematic

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Small People, Small School, Big Change: St Dom’s Brings in Shorts for Girls

St Dominic’s Catholic School is a small school in Western Australia, with 65 of the 146 students being girls. Olivia and Josie were two of the young uniform activists that petitioned their school principal and won the right for girls to have the choice of wearing shorts as their everyday uniform.  They started back in 2017, when Josie was just 7 and Olivia, 8, and featured in our GUA Poster for International Day of the

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Girls Need More Than Skirts and Dresses

This article was originally published by the Independent Education Union – Queensland and Northern Territory Branch in Issue 1 (Volume 48) 2018 edition of Independent Education. Sara El Sayed explores the implications of not offering girls alternative school uniform options.

Freedom, Childhood, and School Dresses

Guest Blog from GUA Supporter, Alex Lee, ANU Student, Jasiri Trailblazer Fellow 2018 A Child’s Mind (and body) For me, primary school is synonymous with a feeling; that sensation of pure unbounded freedom, joy, and limitless possibility evoked by the ringing of the lunchtime bell and the running of six hundred feet in a kind of ritualised race across the oval and towards the Playground. I distinctly remember the sensation of a ball of energy and

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Private Schools Must Offer Choice to Girls: Radio Interview

Radio Interview Transcript (11 February 2019): Richard Glover on Drive talking to Co-Founder of Girls’ Uniform Agenda, Dr Amanda Mergler and Principal Phillip Heath, Barker College, New South Wales. Private Schools Must Offer Choice to Girls.       Richard Glover: After a change to uniform policy last year, NSW public schools are now required to offer shorts and trouser options to girls.    There’s no longer a need for the girls to wear a dress

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Freedom of Uniform Choice Begins With Us!

Guest blog from our NSW Girls Uniform Rep, Karina McDougall We talk a lot about schools and policymakers offering girls a choice to wear shorts and pants with their uniform.  But what about when schools offer that choice to girls, but parents deny their daughters the freedom to exercise that choice? Take for example this conversation which took place in the uniform shop of one school this week: Daughter: Mum I want some shorts! Mum: No you have dresses. I’ll buy you the shirt

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Time to Change – Girls’ Uniform From a Teacher’s Perspective

Guest blog from Early Year’s Teacher and Girls’ Uniform Agenda Supporter, Louise Lenzo I work as a teacher in a non-denominational private school, which caters for learners from pre-school to year 12. The early learning unit is based on a modern Montessori method of teaching and learning. The Montessori Method of education is based on self-directed activities with hands on learning where children make choices and develop their potential. With the Montessori approach in mind,

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